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A Venezuelan company with a high competitive advantage specialized in provide services consistently in the aquatic sector and to demanding customers under quality standards, with high adaptive capacity and in constant innovation, attached to the frameworks legal and technical standards in force, both national and international companies that become a generator of added value for organizational and national growth.

Our goal is focused on meeting the needs differentiated from our clients by assisting them in a timely manner and providing innovative solutions adjusted to the obligations contracted with them, focused on quality management and a transformative organizational culture.


Guarantee services and solutions for the aquatic sector and maritime framed in the digital transformation from a vision transcomplex by turning our products into allies that contribute to better performance, fostering environments and relationships rewarding along with strengthening organizational progress and staff for our clients.


Establish ourselves as the leading company at the national level with expansion and of international reference in services, products and quality, creating solutions and innovations, generating a network global development, production, delivery and dispatch of products, based on emerging strategies.


We have boats to provide the service, diving equipment, cameras, among others.

Supply to Ships.

Industrial Diving Operator.

Shipping company

Pollution Prevention.

Maritime Logistics Service


Transport of hazardous material substances and wastes

Our values


In our acquired commitments we fully comply with in a timely manner what we offer and accompany our clients in supporting them in decisions adhering to the frameworks legal and regulatory.


We are the guarantor of relationships based on honesty both for our work teams and our clients, fully complying with our commitments clearly and concise, we face the difficulties in a timely manner adjusted Ethical principles.


Our relationships with the work team and with clients are based on mutual trust to meet objectives common and achieve success in our operations and services.


Our motivations and intentions as a company are clear are known by our work teams and clients, also our methods, approaches, actions and practices we share them spontaneously with our workers and customers


We act consistently on our decisions and commitments in relation to our work teams and customers.


We establish collaborative relationships and mutual help between our clients, partners, users and work team, such as part of a shared vision that leads us to achieve goals common.


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